Property Preservation, Field & Inspection Services

In many cases, foreclosure is not the only option.  Oftentimes, the best option is to keep the borrower(s) who have defaulted on mortgage payments in the  home rather than foreclosure.

When reaching out to the borrower to offer loss mitigation options is sometimes difficult.  US Best Repairs Borrower Outreach Home Visits  Program provides a personal visit to attempt to make live contact and deliver loss mitigation documents by hand. 

Inspection Services

  • Borrower Outreach
  • Occupancy Inspections
  • Due Diligence
  • Click HERE for full list of inspection services

As a last resort, after the foreclosure process is complete.  We help stabilize communities and reduce neighborhood blight by regularly inspecting homes and providing property preservation services to keep properties safe, well-maintained and up to code.

Well loved and cared for properties make a good impression, while those falling into disrepair will invariably spend more time on the market. US Best Repairs brings its skilled hands, keen eyes, and attention to detail, bringing out the best in each property we touch. 

48 hour Property Securing

  • Re-key and secure all windows, doors, and openings
  • Assess  property condition and determine that all health and safety issues have been addressed
  • Inspect property and notify the client of  any existing code violations and provide cost to cure estimate
  • Provide bid for all other non- pre-approved, but needed items
  • Evictions

Landscaping and Snow Removal Services

  • Keep grass , shrubs  and trees in compliance with local codes and homeowners’ associations.
  • Remove slippery snow and ice from sidewalks and driveways to maximize safety


  • Save thousand s of dollars in damage by winterizing your property correctly
  • All types of heating systems